About Me....

I am a French National who has been successfully teaching children both at home and in school (DBS checked) as well as adults since 1996 in Great Britain.

I am originally from Paris where I qualified in English and German first and then in Spanish studying at the universities of Sorbonne and Aix-en Provence

I am a great believer in the philosophy of Sir Ken Robinson who compares teachers to gardeners. Great gardeners know the condition and care to have their plants grow, you cannot make it grow. It grows itself… Great teachers know what the conditions of growth and care are for their students' growth.

Teachers are like gardeners!

Beware! My passion for language is infectious. I teach with dedication, understanding and empathy.

Over the years, I have been also developing the translations and interpreting side of my business by helping various individuals and companies with simple, everyday-life correspondence, grant applications, insurance claims, legal matters etc…..  






"I really liked your lessons; it was very effective and funny. We went through the topics of: family, animals, clothes, school, weather, seasons, festivals etc…
It is a shame that we moved out from Colchester, otherwise I would go every week…"

Levente, 7 years old. (Colchester)



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